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Welcome Spring

Welcome Spring!!  We are so excited to announce that The Kensington has reached its full potential!! Our Family is Complete! The word “full” rings true for the Kensington! We are full of Love, Joy, Happiness, and bubbling with Life. I would like to send a continued Thank- You to ALL of Our Families who have become a part of Our Family! Without YOUR Love and Support, Our community would never be what it is today! Your visits, participation in all activities, your continued feedback which helps progress in all of endeavors, and your love of the Kensington are the true secret to the perfection of our beautiful community!

April will be our second spring here, at the Kensington! We have so many wonderful programs happening during this time of year. We will be heading outdoors with Forest, Kensington’s “Official Dog,” walking with all of his furry friends! Come join us for walks in the park, picnicking, and celebrating outdoors! We are so excited to continue to make memories with all of you. Spring is off to a fun and terrific start!

Currently, we have a few newer announcements:

We now have Resident Parking, which is designated by resident parking signs. Please make sure that you are not parking in these spaces so that our residents have a place to park!

The Kensington Team would like to send out a thoughtful reminder regarding Dining. We are currently full in all neighborhoods and would like to ensure that you are receiving excellent service! Please make sure that you are making reservations when dining with your loved one 626-355-5700. If you do not make a reservation then please feel free to enjoy a cocktail with hors d’oeuvres, in our Café Piano Bar!! When a table is ready, it will be Our Pleasure to Serve YOU!!!

Entertainment is one of Our Specialties here at the Kensington! Take a look at what’s on the calendar and be sure to RSVP!!!



  • 4/6 San Antonio Winery at 11am
  • 4/13 Pacific Palm Resort at 11am
  • 4/20 La Grande Orange Café at 11am
  • 4/27 The Norton Simon Museum 11am


  • Sunday & Thursdays- Helen Reese Accordion and Piano at 4pm piano bar
  • Monday- Lois Johnson- Blind Concert Violinist 4pm piano bar
  • Tuesday-Peter Hubner- Keyboard player- 4pm piano bar
  • Wednesday- Morgan Freeman- Vocalist-4pm piano bar
  • Friday-Evelyn Padiernos- Karaoke- 4pm piano Bar

KSL Community Events

  • April 12 & 26- Alzheimer’s Support Group from 6:30-8pm with Carol Sue Selinger
  • Every Wednesday from 2pm to 4pm Stress Busting program for Caregivers of those with chronic illness.
  • April 20th- “How Music Therapy Makes Memory Loss More Manageable with Music Therapist, Rebecca Pfeifer.
  • April 20, 2016- Community Picnic & Dog Show, 10 am to 2pm.

As Always, It our pleasure serving you!! We hope that you can make each event as we are looking forward to seeing you, and enjoying the month of April!!!

Lots of Love & Appreciation,

Kensington Executive Director Brandy Valencia

Brandy Valencia