Cecilia “CC” DeGraff Photo

Cecilia “CC” DeGraff

Executive Director

I LEAN IN to my role as a leader at The Kensington with relentless positivity. I participate in little picture details with determination and a smile so the big picture always looks good. If I see holes, I fill them. If I see plateaus, I elevate them. And, if I see rainbows, I invite whoever is nearby to take a moment and soak in the view with me. I draw from the greatness of the residents and colleagues who surround me, and am inspired to deliver back to them all my level best every chance I get.

  • Influencer
  • Moment Stealer
  • Wellspring
Amber Brooksher Photo

Amber Brooksher

Director of Community Relations

I VALUE every individual who crosses the threshold of The Kensington, whether resident, family, friend or colleague. I treasure each of their contributions to the beautiful tapestry we call The Kensington family. I drive sales by profession, but always within the context of servant leadership. I honor my team, who truly loves and cares for residents as they do their own families. I welcome every chance to spread the word about their warmth, love and unparalleled expertise.

  • Listener
  • Messenger
  • Soft Heart
Cris Quesada Photo

Cris Quesada

Business Manager

I MANAGE the business of The Kensington business with vigilant attention to detail. I monitor all information traffic related to accounting, bookkeeping and human resources. I stabilize the office environment by remaining unflappable, even when the pace gets hectic. I contribute a generous spirit of teamwork and am willing to participate in any task that fosters operational efficiency. I respect the investment of The Kensington leadership and apply myself with unwavering professionalism to protect it.

  • Gatekeeper
  • Organizer
  • Numbers Cruncher
Stephanie Peck Photo

Stephanie Peck

Director of Nursing

I RELIEVE residents and their families from as much discomfort as possible by bringing a blend of deep compassion and strong clinical expertise to The Kensington. As a registered nurse, I am able to help residents feel better and get better. As a natural leader of an extraordinary team, I remain visible and present when they need me. I take great pride tending to those for every single day in their lives, and I am grateful for the richness of kinship they give back to me.

  • Kind Heart
  • Soft Place to Fall
  • Mentor
Leandra Sims Photo

Leandra Sims

Director of Memory Care

I CARE about my residents and families and place emphasis on the love and care for them. I have a background in theatre arts and love to sing to my team and residents. My team always knows I am coming when they hear me singing. I am leader not a dictator and build my team from the ground up. We can never let our team focus waiver from our residents and the family that we build together in memory care. Memory Care is a place to laugh and love!

  • Communicative
  • Diligent
  • Melodious
Marjorie Villarosa Photo

Marjorie Villarosa

Director of Assisted Living

I RISE to the call of duty, no matter what that duty is. I advocate, administrate, orchestrate, communicate, validate and celebrate—always with a smile in my heart and a skip in my step. With ease, I form bonds. I draw from generous reserves of compassion and cheer as well as a multi-faceted history of expertise. I smile widely, listen deeply, connect quickly and always have a great joke in mind, ready to share.

  • Energizer
  • Efficiency Maven
  • Ally
Dusko Novakovic Photo

Dusko Novakovic

Director of Dining Services

I INFUSE the environment around me with passion and flavor. Whether I am preparing delicious meals or creating new taste sensations with my team, I settle for nothing less than excellence in quality of ingredients, nutritional integrity, execution and presentation. Smiles of satisfaction when seniors and their families enjoy the results of my culinary expertise are my “just desserts.”

  • Excellence Seeker
  • Foodie
  • Passionate Leader