Meet Our New Nurse Annie Medina

My name is Anita Medina but my friends and family call me Annie. I was born in Los Angeles, California. I’m one of the seven children raised by a single mother. I am the mother of one grown daughter, her name is Jacqueline and she is 35 years old. I also have two female 14 year dogs—a maltese named Nicki and Poodle name Sadie that are very dear to me. I attended Montebello High School located East LA and was very involved in school committee/clubs such as Flags and Senior Class Representative. While in High School I worked as a Dishwasher at Beverly Hospital in Montebello, California and also worked as a Candy Striper which was the genesis of my desire to become a nurse. I attended East LA College and Cal State LA and graduated in 1989 as a Registered Nurse. My first job as an RN was at Santa Marta Hospital in Los Angeles. I later went on to become a Wound Consultant and Open Wound Centers with Hyperbaric Chambers. I also worked as a Corporate Nurse Consultant in long term care and was the Director of Nursing for 7 years in long term care which is where my heart is. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my dogs, gardening , shopping and traveling with my daughter.
I start my day at 5:00 am with an hour of quiet time to prepare me for the day. I am very active in my church with my church family as well as my biological family.
I don’t believe that anything happens by chance. When I received a call from a recruiter she informed me of the opening for Director of Nursing in an Assisted Living Community. After a few interviews I was offered a position as the Director of Nursing at The Kensington. I am super excited and blessed to work with the Team and Residents at The Kensington. My first impression of The Kensington was that it is very home like and inviting. The Team and the Residents appear to be content. I look forward to building relationships with the Team, Family, and Residents.