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Love & Friendliness

“It’s fulfilling to be both valuable to someone and valued. When you gravitate towards what brings you happiness, happiness gravitates toward you. It is more rewarding to lift someone up than to let someone down. You can give away yet still feel filled up. Satisfying someone else’s needs can be a great source of self-satisfaction. When we befriend our neighbor, we benefit the world. Making the world a better place is a Labor of Love.”

– excerpt from book Every Monday Matters

During this month of love and friendliness, let our community focus be to Make A Difference in someone’s life, including our very own. You never know, reaching out to someone might be a life saver for you. Setting goals for the new year and obtaining them is much easier with a friend by your side. We can all succeed in just about anything when we partner up with someone. Choose a class to take with a friend. Learn a new language together. Enjoy a day at a spa or go on an exercise plan together. Everything is more fun with someone by you. Team up with someone that has similar goals and objectives. You will get to your goal faster!

“All love is sweet, given or returned…They who inspire it most are fortunate…but those who feel it most are happier still.” Percy Bysshe Shelley

And let’s appreciate and cherish our friends. Write them a letter of thanks for their support and encouragement. Valentine’s Day is to celebrate anyone special in our lives that we are grateful for. There is no better time than the present to acknowledge someone saying how much we care about them!

“Good exercise for the heart is to bend down and help another person up.” – anonymous

With Love,

Kensington Sierra Madre Executive Director CC Degraff headshot

CC DeGraff, Executive Director