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colorful autumn leaves hanging on string

Here Comes Fall

“Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything burst with its last beauty, as if mother nature has been saving up all year for. a grand finale”

-Lauren Destafano Wither

Here it comes: The air is crisp; the trees are changing color; the days are getting shorter. Time to dig out your favorite sweater and go for a brisk walk in the park. Fall is upon us again! It’ll be time for football and Thanksgiving turkeys before you know it! I hope you can take some time out and enjoy the season. I am looking forward to our second fall here at the Kensington. We will be having our spirit week with our amazing Kensington team from September 12th- 16th! Each day the team will dress up with a different theme and you get to pick out your favorites! So here is to the fall and celebrating the Kensington spirit!

With Love,

Kensington Executive Director Brandy Valencia

Brandy Valencia, Executive Director