My Loved One Has Been Diagnosed with Parkinson’s… Now What?
With Bernice Detig, Parkinson’s Foundation
Wednesday, April 24th, 5:30pm-7pm. Click HERE & RSVP Today!
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My Loved One Has Been Diagnosed with Parkinson’s… Now What?
With Bernice Detig, Parkinson’s Foundation
Wednesday, April 24th, 5:30pm-7pm. Click HERE & RSVP Today!
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The Guide to Caregiver Well-Being and Fighting Burnout

Taking care of our loved ones is a selfless gift. But in order to maintain the best version of ourselves, we have to be careful how much we are giving of ourselves without taking in what we need – and that is what results in caregiver burnout. 

The Kensington recently hosted a weekly, six-part series for caregivers featuring Dr. James Rouse, who dedicates his life to teaching others about how to create and sustain a life they love.

Read on to learn more about the importance of caring for yourself — as a caregiver — as much as you care for your loved ones.

You can also view the event recordings on Kensington Konnect, under Wellness.

Cultivate Caregiver Soulfulness and Fighting Burnout

Dr. James is a naturopathic doctor who combines his personal, clinical, and professional experiences to help others realize their full potential. His life-changing experiences showed him how encouraging and inspiring others truly makes a difference, and in this six-part series he aims to help change the lives of burned-out caregivers in our community who are unable to live their fullest life.

From introducing the idea of self-care to providing actual steps and rituals caregivers can implement into their own lives, it’s possible to change the course of your life, no matter your past.

Introducing Self Care: Make Yourself a Priority

Self care does not equal self indulgence: It simply means you learn to see yourself as a loving priority, because you deserve care just as much as your loved ones. 

Consciously and intentionally choose to begin each day with an act of self love and care, and you’ll begin to see the difference in yourself. Remember that it’s not possible to be the best version of yourself for others if you’re unable to show up for yourself and take care of yourself properly.

Watch the recording: A Caregiver Guide to Cultivating SoulFULLness with Dr. James Rouse

Implement Empowering Practices for a Healthy Mind/Brain

Now that you know what self care really means, how do you practice it? Integrate simple daily rituals into your life, including a nourishing diet, movement, meditation, and spiritual practices. 

These are powerful facets of our wellbeing that will support our minds and bodies from the inside out — and they are personal to each of us. You will need to discover which practices feel healthy and revitalizing to you.

Watch the recording: Cultivating SoulFULLness with Dr. James Rouse – Week 2

How to Make, Circulate, and Radiate Good Energy When You’re Exhausted

Caregivers can quickly face burnout when they put all their focus and energy into their loved ones. While this may seem selfless, it can harm your loved one in the long run because soon you will become exhausted and unable to best support them.

Rising out of burnout means creating and sustaining your own inspiring energy throughout the trials of life. Using your personal, powerful self care practices, you can harness the positive energy you create and learn how to manifest it in times of stress.

Watch the recording: Cultivating SoulFULLness with Dr. James Rouse – Week 3

Find Peace at the Speed of Your Life

How can you make sure you’re able to maintain a state of peace and mindfulness throughout life’s trials? It’s possible to never again lose your way on your path to purpose. 

When you’re able to find what you need within to soothe and energize you, you can access peace and grace no matter what kinds of chaos are circulating around you.

Watch the recording: Cultivating SoulFULLness with Dr. James Rouse – Week 4

Clean Your ‘Dirty Genes’ & Change the Path of Your Life With Actions and Words

No matter what your past looks like, Dr. James encourages caregivers that it’s possible to clean your “dirty genes” and create a new biology of belief. 

You can transform your mind, body, and emotions — and change your path — no matter where you are in life. 

By feeding yourself good foods, taking moments for yourself to practice meditation or spirituality, and continuing to practice your empowerment tools, you can stay focused on the future you want, despite where you came from.

Watch the recording: [Link to recording]

Living as the Best Version of You Every Day 

Never again lose your faith or willingness to continue becoming the best of who you already are. With your empowering, peaceful practices used daily, you can keep this best version of yourself in mind and always turn back to that person when you need a boost.

Remember that self improvement is a continuous journey, and takes practice and commitment. Once you establish the tools you need, you can always return back to them when times get tough and you need to remember who you are.

Watch the recording: [Link to recording]

Combatting Caregiver Burnout – Focusing on Your Well-Being as Much as a Loved One’s

You might think it’s impossible to focus on yourself as much as your loved ones, because there simply isn’t the time or energy available. It can help to remember that the care of your loved ones is entirely dependent on your own mental and physical health. If you’re unable to care for yourself, you easily can become burned out.

Caregiver burnout is a state of mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion. You could become depressed, and the lack of nourishment you may give yourself could lead to losing sleep, feeling irritable, and getting sick more often. All of these things would lead to a lack of care for your loved one.

To battle caregiver burnout, be aware of the steps to prevent it:

  • Ask others for help and support
  • Be aware of your strengths and limitations
  • Take regular breaks
  • Continue your hobbies and social meets
  • Get plenty of rest, regular exercise, and a healthy diet
  • Consider home health aides or assisted living communities

Your health is important. Even implementing small daily steps of self-care at first can help.

The Kensington – Here to Support Caregivers and Families

Dr. James is one of many featured speakers The Kensington proudly hosts to inform and support our community. We also host events with experts in the field of Alzheimer’s and dementia research and hold a continuous virtual support group for caregivers.

Our Promise to love and care for your family as we do our own extends to every facet of our care for your loved ones. Our memory care community is dedicated to providing around-the-clock, comfortable care in luxurious accommodations. Your loved ones truly can age in place at our assisted living community while remaining safe and supported.

Call us today to learn more about our team, our accommodations, and how we best can support your family.


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