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Macaroons and Love Note on a tray next to valentines flowers

Enjoy the month of love!

“An individual has a healthy personality to the exact degree to which they have the propensity to look for the good in every situation.”  – Emerson

A recent article in Psychology Today discussed how psychologists and philosophers find that happiness derives from  having a sense of purpose and feeling useful.  It is not something you can pursue directly.  It is a byproduct of other things, most notably working toward meaningful goals. There is no happiness without challenge, risk and growth.  Happiness is a reflection of how we think.  Our culture, unfortunately, believes happiness comes from buying things or having a life of ease.

With the new year upon us, we have much to look forward to and do.  One thing we can do for ourselves and others is to have a happy outlook on life and see the positive.  Notice at least one good thing  each day.  Make it “real” by telling someone about it or writing it down.  However big or small. Meaningful  does not mean expensive or big.  I have loved the heartfelt gifts I have received from friends – an article from a newspaper or magazine that was cut out and shared with me because someone who cared about me thought it would help me solve a problem or learn something new,  information on something I had been researching or asking about, a recipe for something new, a book of poems or inspiration – these are the gifts I most appreciate.

Doing something nice for others can make you happier and calmer.  Jot down attainable goals for the week and aim to achieve one every day!  Let’s enjoy the year and each other. 

Have a fantastic February and enjoy the month of love!

With love,

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C.C. DeGraff, Executive Director