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Stroke: Risk Factors, Treatment, Prevention & Recovery
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How a Couple Can Move into Assisted Living Together?

It’s not uncommon that a couple may need to consider moving into assisted living, rather than an individual. When both parents need the help offered by assisted living, there’s no need to worry about whether they can still be together. If one parent requires memory care, and the other needs assisted living care, The Kensington Sierra Madre works closely to enhance both seniors’ lives.

Even though your parents might be of a similar age, they have likely aged at different paces. Because of this, often one spouse becomes the caretaker for the other later in life, especially when one spouse begins to show signs of memory loss, Alzheimer’s, or dementia.

The stresses of caring for their partner, while also being responsible for maintaining a home, a yard, and their own daily needs, can lead to caregiver burnout. When this occurs, the caregiver might neglect their own health, leading them to age prematurely, which can result in a declining quality of care for their partner.

How an Assisted Living Community Offers Differing Levels of Care

It’s becoming increasingly common for assisted living communities to offer more healthcare assistance than ever before, particularly enhanced assisted living communities. 

Enhanced communities often feature around-the-clock nursing staff who can administer medications and injections, on-site rehabilitation services, and also have their own specialized memory care neighborhoods. 

Memory care provides specially designed, secure environments that offer more supervision for residents with Alzheimer’s or dementia. These spaces are more open and brightly lit to minimize fall risk, and also feature wander detection to prevent residents from wandering out of the building, especially at night.

For couples moving into assisted living with different levels of care, these enhanced communities can allow both couples to age in place in one assisted living community, even if one spouse requires memory care and the other doesn’t.

How to Talk to Your Loved Ones About Moving into Assisted Living

Perhaps you’ve talked with your parents before about moving into assisted living and they’ve brushed it off or said, “We’re fine, we don’t need help.” But in the back of your mind, you’re becoming concerned that your caretaking parent’s health has been declining too.

One of the most common mistakes a couple moving into assisted living makes is waiting too long to move in. By postponing their move, both of their health can suffer, and this can lead to less quality time spent together in the future.

Talk to your parents in an open environment and let them know how moving into an assisted living community can help Dad get the memory care assistance he needs so Mom can focus on her own health. 

Sometimes it takes reframing the situation to help your parents understand. Yes, they’re moving out of their family home, but they will be able to spend more quality time together, longer at an assisted living community.

Steps to Ease the Transition from Home into Assisted Living

You’ll want to help your parents ease their transition from moving out of their home into assisted living in any way you can. 

  • Get the whole family involved to help with the transition, to coordinate moving items, downsizing, or even just being there for support.
  • Consider planning a yard or estate sale to get rid of the larger items your parents will no longer need to simplify what they own. 
  • Coordinate with their new community to find out which days are best to move in. And don’t feel that you need to move everything in one day. Sometimes it can take a few days to move your parents’ belongings in and get them settled.
  • Create a checklist to help them with their moving. Include things such as forwarding their mail and changing their address, ending their utility services, and tying up loose ends. They’ll appreciate your help.
  • Lastly, make friends with the staff at their new home. Find out what their new community’s visitation policies are, and learn more about the amenities and classes offered so you can help your parents get the most out of their new home.

The Many Benefits for Couples Living in an Assisted Living Community

Certain assisted living communities offer around-the-clock support, along with high-quality dining services, life enrichment programs, a busy event calendar, and on-site fitness and rehabilitation services.

One of the biggest burdens on elderly couples is maintaining their home and yard, but in an assisted living community couples are free to relax and focus on their health. Couples can take a stroll through the beautiful grounds or spend time in the gardens together and just relax.

Another benefit of moving into a community is making new friends and participating in shared activities. Regular exercise and socialization have been proven to slow down the effects of Alzheimer’s and improve heart health. This allows couples to live longer, healthier lives shared with mutual friends.

But perhaps the biggest benefit is knowing that both spouses, no matter how different their healthcare needs may be, will both be cared for so they can maintain familiar routines and continue sharing their favorite pastimes together. 

The Kensington Promise

The Kensington Sierra Madre is an enhanced assisted living and memory care community. Our enhanced care model is capable of providing full-spectrum clinical support, going above and beyond what other assisted living communities can offer. 

Our loving team includes best-in-class professionals, including on-site rehabilitation specialists and a friendly staff of registered nurses who work around the clock to administer medications, including injections and diabetes management.

We gladly accept senior couples with different needs into our community to make our home their home. If one spouse requires memory care, and the other requires assisted living, both can find the care they need to age in place. Know that residents will never be required to move out if their health care needs change. 

Please reach out if you’d like to receive more information on The Kensington Sierra Madre’s floor plans, amenities, and healthcare services.

Our Promise to you is to love and care for your family as we do our own.


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To learn more about our exceptional assisted living and memory care at The Kensington Sierra Madre, click below or give us a call today for any questions. We promise to love and care for your family, as we do our own.


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