Stroke: Risk Factors, Treatment, Prevention & Recovery
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Stroke: Risk Factors, Treatment, Prevention & Recovery
With Stanford Health Care & Stroke Comeback Center
Wednesday, June 26th 3pm-4pm PDT via Zoom. Click HERE & Register Today!
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cbd benefits seniors

The Benefits of CBD: Is My Senior Loved One a Good Candidate? 

The New Year is a great time to explore new wellness options for you or a loved one.

The Kensington Sierra Madre and CV Sciences hosted an informative webinar on Jan. 25 to discuss the benefits of low-dose cannabidiol, or CBD, for the aging population.

Our panel of experts, including Dr. Steven Schmitz of CV Sciences and Leandra Sims, Memory Care Program Manager at The Kensington Sierra Madre, shared their first-hand experiences with the promising results from a recent CBD scientific case series conducted within the Kensington community.

Read on to learn more about this exciting event, and the incredible impact CBD is having on seniors.

Is CBD oil safe for my senior loved one?

During our virtual Zoom event, our panel of experts shared the impact CBD is having on seniors with dementia, insomnia, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and more.

They also discussed the why, how, and safety of low-dose CBD. 

CBD is just one of the many natural chemicals found in the cannabis Sativa plant, but it has become notable for its numerous health benefits.

Unlike THC, another chemical found in the cannabis plant, CBD does not produce a “high” feeling and is considered safe as long as it comes from a high-quality source and is not used with certain medications.

It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can be used to treat a variety of health conditions, including pain and inflammation.

It’s important to use CBD under the direction and guidance of a doctor to ensure no side effects or medication interactions.

Forms of CBD

CBD can come in many forms, including oil, gummies, and topical cream.

CBD oil comes in three main types, including:

  • CBD isolate, which is the purest form and contains no THC
  • Full-spectrum CBD, which contains all the other cannabinoids in the cannabis plant including trace amounts of THC
  • Broad-spectrum CBD, which contains all other cannabinoids in the cannabis plant except for THC

We have an endocannabinoid system in our bodies that controls and regulates many of our bodily functions. CBD may be able to assist the endocannabinoids that already exist in our bodies.

What are the health benefits of CBD for seniors?

More research is needed to fully understand the benefits of CBD in our bodies, but several studies point to numerous health benefits on health concerns such as chronic pain, anxiety, sleep, and cognitive issues.

Let’s explore the current benefits of CBD oil on the following health concerns. 

Chronic pain and arthritis

According to the Arthritis Foundation, CBD may help with arthritis-related symptoms such as pain, anxiety, and insomnia.

Due to CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, it can potentially reduce pain, specifically joint pain associated with arthritis.

CBD also has been used to help manage the pain associated with migraines, lupus, fibromyalgia, and even cancer pain and neuropathic pain.

Anxiety and depression

Studies suggest that CBD may potentially alter serotonin levels in the brain, which could ease the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Sleep quality

CBD is commonly used in efforts to soothe the body before sleep. Its potential to reduce pain and anxiety also could contribute to better sleep.

Neurological disorders

CBD may be able to positively impact the effects of neurological disorders, including epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease. 


Inflammation can contribute to several serious diseases in the body, including everything from autoimmune disorders and chronic pain to cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

The effects of CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties are still being explored, but are currently being used to fight and prevent inflammation throughout the body.   

The Kensington Sierra Madre: Your partner and resource in the latest senior health advancements

At The Kensington Sierra Madre, our mission to improve and preserve the quality of life for every resident is a collaborative effort. 

We partner with CBD experts and doctors to support the treatment of our seniors and move towards more natural medicines.

Take a look at the following case studies performed in our community.

Case Study 1

In Case Study 1, an 89-year-old female diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, hypothyroidism, hyperlipidemia, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) was suffering from sleep disturbances.

She was given 9 mg of CBD at dinner and 9 mg at bedtime for 19 weeks, with the following results:

  • Anxiety score improved from Moderate (3) to None (1)
  • Sleep quality improved from Poor (3) to Good (1)

Case Study 2

In Case Study 2, an 87-year-old female complained of lower back and neck pain.  

She began taking 9 mg of CBD twice a day, and increased to 9 mg in the morning and 18 mg in the evening.

After an observational period of 17 weeks, her caregivers provided the following results:

  • Anxiety score improved from Moderate (3) to Mild (2)
  • Sleep quality remained Good (1)
  • Quality of life score improved from Fair (2) to Good (1)

Her pain score started as a 3 out of 5, and at the end of the study was a 1 out of 5.

Case Study 3

Case Study 3 involved an 81-year-old female living suffering from anxiety.

Her chief complaints were left knee pain and anxiety.

She began taking 15 mg of CBD twice a day, and remained on that dose for the observational period of 10 weeks.

Throughout the period, she was able to stop taking acetaminophen and ibuprofen three times a day around the clock to manage her pain, and began receiving only occasional doses as needed. Prior to taking CBD, she was receiving 21 doses of routine acetaminophen and 21 doses of ibuprofen per week.

Additionally, take a look at the following scores:

  • Anxiety score went from Moderate to Fair
  • Sleep quality remained Fair
  • Quality of life improved from Poor to Good
  • Pain level changed from 4 out of 5 to “no pain” 

The Kensington Sierra Madre Promises to love and care for your family as we do our own

The Kensington Sierra Madre is an assisted living and memory care community located in the heart of beautiful, sunny Sierra Madre.

We are staffed by loving professionals in an elegant, cozy environment that offers a full spectrum of clinical care and support.

At The Kensington Sierra Madre, Our Promise is to love and care for your family as we do our own.

We strive to preserve the comforts and routines of our residents, and we welcome couples and pets. We encourage independence while understanding when it’s time to offer additional support.

We offer the following special services to our residents:

Our community provides true “aging in place,” where no matter how your loved one’s care needs change over time, they have a home with us.

If you’d like to learn more about our community, reach out to us today. 

You can stay up-to-date on our latest events and resources by checking the following pages:

Feel free to also check out our suites and floor plans, our community Look Book, and our testimonials page to hear first-hand from the families of our residents.

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