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Herb Dockham Good Day LA

Artist Herb Dockham Looks at the World Differently

Interview on Good Day LA…

Kensington resident, Herb Dockham, was interviewed by Good Day LA reporter, Gina Silva, about his life, artwork and inspirations. A large body of Herb’s paintings and drawings are currently on display at The Kensington Sierra Madre’s art gallery. Please join us to view these beautiful drawings!

“When you do art, you look at the world differently than most people.”

Herb Dockham Watercolors

When he’s drawing, Herb channels his interpretation of what he’s looking at through his fingertips, creating something completely unique and beautiful. A true artist, he states, “I am not a camera, I can delete things, I can add things, I can change the season… [my work] is an expression of how I see the world.”

Though he originally became interested in art in high school, and took lessons as a teenager, Herb’s biggest break came in his 40s, after returning to college. He began simply by drawing things he enjoys, including pretty girls and barns, and quickly explored another passion, California History. His Bay Area hometown of Crockett, CA is featured in one of the paintings on display at The Kensington.