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A Season of Gratitude

November is a month associated with Thanksgiving and family. I believe we all try to be generous, open and forgiving so that we can appreciate the bonds we create with others. This month gives us the opportunity to focus on our relationships with family and friends and to also be aware of others around us who may need a little help. Times are difficult for many people and even though some may need assistance, many have too much pride to ask for it. It is up to us to be perceptive and offer a hand to others.

We should support practices that make others feel special, so they too have a sense of personal value and self worth. If we can change conditions that make people feel uncomfortable or anonymous, let’s do it. Welcome and support others!

We are ending the year with a new program called “Still Significant.” With a genuine heart and passion to serve, our Still Significant Program provides eager residents the chance to share their “significance” to society and their community.

To keep this spirit alive, we are taking donations for Operation Gratitude which sends care packages to our U.S. Military. Please see the information enclosed in this newsletter for wish list items and donate! And if you are unable to donate any goods, please write a letter. These letters are needed more than anything as our troops would love to hear from home. Remember that words create worlds and a nice letter can be a balm that heals!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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CC Degraff, Executive Director