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Hot Tea Kensington Sierra Madre

Warm Up!

Did you know that temperature strongly influences how we feel about ourselves, our environment and the people around us? Physical warmth can diminish feelings of loneliness and increase feelings of generosity, according to Yale psychologist John A. Bargh. The findings in recent studies show how our physical selves shape our psychological selves, a field known as embodied cognition. “Abstract psychological and social concepts – how we think and feel about people, including ourselves – grow out of basic physical concepts like warmth and coldness,” explains Bargh.

Temperature affects our perception and mood below our level of awareness.  “Most of us use physical warmth as a home remedy without even understanding or being aware of why we do it,” Bargh explains.  Not only will a warm bath or a steaming cup of tea relax you, it might also make you feel less lonely and more trusting. On the other hand, a cup of iced coffee can make us judge others as unfriendly.  Apparently being warm inside helps you be warm towards others!

With our weather slowly warming up in the upcoming months, we have much to look forward to!  Please feel free to join me anytime for a chit chat with a nice cup of warm tea! I look forward to the time I have with our residents, families and team members.

May the longer days and sunlight warm our hearts and souls.  I look forward to celebrating Easter with our residents and families!

Enjoy the spring!

Portrait of CC DeGraff , Executive Director at The Kensington Sierra Madre assisted living community in Southern California.

CC DeGraff, Executive Director