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How Assisted Living Can Keep Your Loved One Safe

The Bravery of Caring for the Elderly

Kensington Sierra Madre Assisted Living Supervisor Leandra Sims headshot

By Leandra Sims, Director of Memory Care

This is a challenging time in our world and an especially a challenging time for the elderly.   We all know COVID19, better known as the coronavirus, is a threat to all of us but an extreme threat to the elderly and people with compromised immune systems.

Throughout this time of fear and anxiety I have been overwhelmed by the amount of team members at The Kensington who are ready, with bags packed in their trunks, to stay and care for their Kensington family.  Before I could even ask, team members texted, called, emailed and found me to say, “I am ready to stay”.  It is almost as if they heard the call without me even having to say anything. When we put on the Kensington badge each day some may just see a staff member, but I see a hero in uniform, willing to do what it takes to provide care.  I have seen team members serve through all types of illnesses, day to day emergencies, and fires.  To date however, this is the biggest challenge we have faced together.  Knowing what we are up against, team members walk into the building each day as the frontline team to care for the residents.  With each restriction they find solutions.  Our live entertainment now consists of nurses and porters singing for our residents.  Family members are connected with Facetime so they can see their loved ones. Activities are done in small groups, the same for meals.  Team members work long hours and extra days. Each team member finds a way that they can be brave, and this bravery surrounds the residents in a circle of love and protection.     I have no doubt in my mind that each day, we will continue to hear the snap of Kensington badges being put on and each team member stepping up to have their temperature checked and get cleared for their day of love and care for the residents.

From the bottom of my heart, I am honored to join and serve with all who love and care for seniors at the Kensington. My bag is packed and I am ready if needed.  I feel the team beside me like a force of protection. For those of us who work at the Kensington, this is a time for us to show how brave we can be.   Maybe next time you drive by the beautiful Kensington Sierra Madre it will not be just be the Assisted Living community down the street but rather it will be the place with some of the bravest people in our world.