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Kensington Sierra Madre Executive Director CC Degraff headshot

Happy May!

I would like to thank our residents and families for  support and encouragement!  We are grateful for you. While it has been a difficult past few months, I am most thankful for the smiles on our residents’ faces and the cheerful spirit of our team.  We are blessed!

I realize that some of us may be bored and lonely, dreaming and looking forward to having a sense of normalcy in our day to day routine.  But I think we need to celebrate the little things. There is so much to take joy from in our day to day. Celebrating a beautiful new day, taking pleasure in nature, enjoying a new hobby, learning something different and taking the time to spend connecting with others either by phone or in person (if we live with others).  We are so often in a rush to get through the day, this time offers us the opportunity to be mindful and savor each moment.

I came across a Blog from the Well Balanced Business that resonated with me.  It stated the following as to why celebration is important:

It makes the journey more fun.

It created memories.

It makes other people feel good.

It starts and ends your day right.  Ending a day with a moment of celebration helps your brain relax and move back into a positive space.

Here at The Kensington, we are creating many moments of celebration.  Our morning dance party has been so successful. It’s a joy to come in to smiling and happy faces. Despite the stress we are all experiencing during this time, our team members also bring such happiness to my heart.  To get through this time, some have bonded through prayer circles.  Others entertain our residents with passion and love.  While we have been closed to the public, we are certainly celebrating inside the community every day!

And celebration is not only about noticing our own moments of happiness and success but also noticing others and helping them celebrate these as well. I wish you much celebration and know we will get through this time together.

“Each day should be an adventure, create a memory and make you smile.” – Blog, Well Balanced Business