Brain Health and Aging, In Collaboration with AARP
Thursday, July 18th 12:30pm-1:30pm PDT via Zoom. Click HERE to Register!
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Brain Health and Aging, In Collaboration with AARP
Thursday, July 18th 12:30pm-1:30pm PDT via Zoom. Click HERE to Register!
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Healthcare Career Growth Resources for Current Kensington Employees

The Kensington Sierra Madre believes in nurturing the growth and development of our employees, recognizing that their progress and well-being are integral to our community’s success.

Embodying this commitment, we are proud to introduce the Inova Employee Assistance Program (EAP), a comprehensive training platform offered to support and enhance the careers of our healthcare professionals.

Inova EAP stands out as a premier program designed to provide our team with an array of benefits focused on work-life balance, psychological counseling, legal and financial guidance, and much more. 

This program is more than just a support system—it’s a pathway to personal and professional development, offering tools and resources vital for career advancement in healthcare.

We encourage you to explore all that this program has to offer and take full advantage of the support it provides.

What is the Inova EAP platform?

The Inova Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provided by The Kensington Sierra Madre is essentially an online support system, accessible through an online platform and mobile app, designed to assist employees with various personal and professional challenges.

It serves as a confidential resource for employees who might be dealing with work-related stress, and personal issues, or seeking guidance in career development, mental health, legal concerns, or financial planning.

The aim of offering this program to our employees is not to fulfill a requirement but to genuinely support the well-being and growth of our employees.

By improving the overall health and happiness of our employees, we can continue to increase the quality of care provided to our residents.

Key benefits of Inova EAP for employees

Inova EAP is an online platform accessible through a website or mobile app, offering The Kensington Sierra Madre employees a range of support and development resources, such as the following. 

Wellness program

This program, available online, provides comprehensive resources and tools to help employees focus on their physical and mental health. 

The wellness program includes access to articles, interactive tools, and personalized plans to guide employees in achieving a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

Leadership webinars

Inova EAP hosts a series of web-based seminars featuring industry experts. These webinars cover a range of topics aimed at enhancing leadership skills and professional development. 

Employees can access these through the Inova EAP website or app, providing a convenient way to gain new insights and skills.

Work-life balance support

The platform offers a suite of resources to help employees manage personal challenges. This includes online and app-accessible services for grief counseling, legal consultation, financial advice, and resources for finding childcare and eldercare solutions. 

These tools are designed to support employees in navigating life’s complexities while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Global network accessibility

Through the Inova EAP website and app, employees have access to a global network of over 12,000 providers in 200 countries. 

This extensive network ensures that employees can find the support they need, regardless of their location.

Counseling options

Inova EAP provides a range of counseling services to suit different needs and preferences. Employees can choose from phone counseling, face-to-face meetings, or secure instant messaging. 

All these options are coordinated through the Inova EAP website or mobile app, allowing for easy scheduling and access to professional support.

Critical incident response

Inova EAP provides on-site counselor support following workplace incidents. 

This is crucial for managing the immediate emotional impact of unexpected or traumatic events, ensuring employees receive timely and effective support.

Financial assistance services

Beyond basic financial guidance, Inova EAP offers detailed consultations on pressing financial issues, including debt management, budgeting, and retirement planning. 

This comprehensive financial support can be a significant resource for employees looking to stabilize and improve their financial situation.

Legal assistance

The program includes access to a network of attorneys for consultations on various legal matters. 

This can be a vital resource for employees facing legal challenges or needing advice on matters like estate planning, real estate transactions, or family law.

Substance abuse professional services

Inova EAP provides access to certified professionals for assessments and case management related to alcohol or drug use issues. 

This is a critical resource for employees seeking help in these areas.

Comprehensive work-life services

In addition to childcare and eldercare assistance, Inova EAP offers resources for daily living needs such as pet sitting, home repair, and chore services. 

This wide range of services is designed to alleviate the everyday stresses that can impact an employee’s work and personal life.

Multi-lingual support

Recognizing the diverse workforce at The Kensington Sierra Madre, Inova EAP offers support in over 200 languages, ensuring that employees from various backgrounds can access and benefit from the services provided.

How to access Inova EAP services

The Kensington Sierra Madre employees can easily access Inova EAP services through their ADP dashboards. This convenient access allows team members to explore and utilize a range of support services. 

For more detailed information or assistance in navigating the platform, employees can contact: 

Encouraging employee participation

Using the Inova EAP can be a significant step towards personal and professional growth for our employees at The Kensington Sierra Madre.

For instance, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by work-related stress or facing a personal challenge that affects your job performance, Inova EAP offers confidential counseling and support.

For those aiming to develop their careers, leadership webinars and professional guidance are available. This program isn’t just a resource for overcoming challenges, but a tool for building a stronger, more fulfilling career.

We encourage all our employees to take full advantage of these valuable services.

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