The Kensington is looking forward to bringing even more great resources and support to the City of Sierra Madre in 2017!

One of our newest groups, the Sierra Madre Osteoporosis Group, is open to our residents, family-members, and the public. This group will be hosted by Dr. Kenneth Howayeck and will begin meeting monthly on January 11, 2017. We will continue to host meetings at The Kensington on the second Wednesday of each month throughout the year.

Dr. Howayeck, who will facilitate this group, is a local Health Success Educator, Author, and retired Board Certified Foot and Ankle Surgeon.

Need another reason to join us? Here’s why you should:

  • Learn the very newest information on bone health.
  • Understand all about the confusing terms and ambiguous information that continues to be quite prevalent in the field of osteoporosis.
  • Learn what your most viable options are for managing the bone health issues that have been most unappealing or problematic for you or your loved one.
  • Differentiate truths about osteoporosis vs. myths.
  • Receive useful feedback from experts and other members of the group.; see what others do to effectively manage the same issues that you yourself might be experiencing.
  • Discover ways to more affordably, effectively and accurately self-monitor your bone health progress over time.
  • Learn some very surprising facts about how fitness, calcium, and Vitamin D DO really do affect osteoporosis.
  • Meet a supportive community of people who can help you–and you them.
  • Have fun (while feeling better!)

We hope to see you in January!