Presented by the HealthPRO-Heritage Rehabilitation Team in partnership with the Kensington of Sierra Madre.

The old adage of “use it or lose it” is very appropriate when discussing the importance of maintaining your physical performance and health as you age.  Many doctors are telling seniors that remaining active is one key to staying healthy.  Seniors needn’t think they have to sign up for high-impact aerobics classes or run 10K races to stay in shape.  Instead, fitting a simple 30-minute walk into their daily activities can keep them physically strong and agile.

Benefits of Walking:

  • Walking is a tremendously good activity for seniors.
  • It’s cheap, it’s simple, and almost anybody can do it.
  • Walking has a multitude of health benefits for everyone.
  • Walking helps seniors achieve real benefits for maintaining mobility and independence.

Older adults can decrease their risk of disability and increase their likelihood of maintaining independence by 41% by participating in a walking exercise program, according to a new University of Georgia study.

The study also found that walking program participants:

  • Increased their peak aerobic capacity by 19%.
  • Increased their physical function by 25%.

If you do nothing else for yourself, take a walk.  Here are just a few of the well-known benefits of walking:

*Increases good cholesterol.                           *Improves muscle strength.

*Decreases blood sugar.                                 *Gives your body greater mobility.

*Improves oxygen to the body.                      *Helps maintain bone and muscle mass.

*Lowers blood pressure.                                 *Eliminates fluid build-up in tissues.

*Improves lung capacity.                                *Makes motion more fluid in joints.

*Provides for a healthier heart.                       *Burns fat and helps fight weight gain.

*Improves circulation.                                    *Improves mood.

*Improves balance and coordination.             *Keeps your brain sharp.